Let your teachers have access to great videos to help teach their students the Catholic faith. Students will laugh and have fun while learning.

Engaging and Fun videos!

New videos are added approximately once a month. As long as your subscription is active you can view the videos unlimited number of times. This subscription is only valid for up to 5 teachers in your school/program.


By purchasing these videos through this subscription program, you not only receive great educational videos, you also save a lot of money. You can see below that the Eucharist series alone is $45 when purchased individually.


$75 every 6 months

For Schools and Religious Education programs only

Access to videos for as long as you are a subscriber for up to 5 teachers.

This is a subscription product billed on a semi-annual basis until you cancel. Cancel anytime from the account management page.

How do my teachers access the videos?

After purchasing this subscription, Faith & Puppets will email you 5 coupons with login information on them. Give a coupon to each of the 5 teachers. They will then be able to access these and future videos with the login information on the coupons.


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