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Watch the first three minutes of video #1 in this series.

About this series:

This series teaches children all about Jesus' Divine Mercy as revealed to Saint Faustina. Billy the puppet and your children will learn about:

  • the story of Saint Faustina's life
  • the Divine Mercy image
  • the Divine Mercy message
  • the Divine Mercy feast
  • the Divine Mercy novena
  • the Divine Mercy chaplet
  • the Divine Mercy hour
  • the deed/word/action of Divine Mercy

The total length of the videos is approximately 49 minutes. Video lengths range from approximately three to ten minutes.

To further enhance your child's learning, it is recommended that you discuss each video before watching the next one.

Here is another preview.

Enjoy watching the first part of video #6: The Chaplet of

Divine Mercy.

Where do I view my videos?

After purchasing a video series you are able to watch the videos as many times as you wish. They are viewable on this platform (Teachable.com). When you checkout you will create a login to be able to access the videos.

About the creator, Christine...

Christine is a professional storyteller who especially loves to tell stories about the saints and to teach the Catholic faith.

To read more about her, look at the "About Me" page.

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